Todd Boswell


Todd Boswell thanks his guests sincerely for their business since 1986 and invites you to come experience Todd Boswell Salon.


Start date 1992

I strive artistically, emotionally, and in the most healthy ways to possible to provide the most flattering colors and styles for the people I love.


Start date 2002

It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together!


Start date 2006

My passion is to do great hair. To take your hair beyond just a cut, into an expression of who you are. Because when you feel great about your hair, I feel great about my work.


Start date 2007

Your hair is your best accessory; you wear it everyday!


Start date 2009

By using my talent, skills, and education, I will assist and inspire my guests to realize and enhance their own beauty and to walk a little taller with a twinkle in their eyes.


Start date 2011

“If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything” – Iris Apfel


Start date 2013

I am inspired by our guests and the opportunity to educate them about their hair and to share insight and knowledge on how to maintian their new look.


Start date 2013

As a stylist, I promise to unlock the beauty and confidence that chemicals never could!


Start date 2007

I will coordinate every detail of your experience, listen in such a way that we will become great friends, strive to make you feel welcome into the Todd Boswell Salon family, and oversee that your experience exceed your expectations every time.


Start date 2012

I strive to live in a way that serves others, valve others above myself and always greet you with a welcoming smile.